Are you ready to shift your love life from the inside out?


The Groundwork is the course for you if you’re ready to change the record, feel more confident in your love life – and make your next relationship really count.

Any of this sound familiar?

You are ready for a new relationship

And you want it to be better than any you’ve had in the past

You feel like things will be easier as a couple

But it’s hard to meet the right person – and second best won’t do!

You're done with commitment-phobes

You want to meet someone emotionally available this time

You wonder if you're doing something wrong

Or if you’re still single because you’re too picky

You get jealous of friends in relationships

It feels like time’s running out to meet the right person

The rest of life is going pretty well

But you feel stuck when it comes to relationships

That feeling of meeting someone new – you’re excited and confident, knowing that you’ve moved on from the past – you feel ready and you know that you deserve it

This course is for you if you want to …   

Access your confidence

Increase your self-awareness and compassion, so you can truly trust yourself and other people

Get unstuck and move on from the past

You’re ready to move on from the past, you just need the tools and techniques to do it

Create healthy new habits

Discover why you’ve attracted certain ‘types’ – and make new choices that work better for you

Know your own strength

Find emotional independence, better communication and less drama – phew!

Remarkably simple yet quite profound

Uncomplicated exercises gently guided me to realisations that have eluded me for so many years and freed me of my resistance to what I really want to manifest in my life. The whole process was easy and fun – and my journey with The Groundwork is still not over. The gifts keep coming!

David A.

I have more confidence now

It’s brought me self-confidence and awareness and I’ve started seeing someone new since I finished the course. We’ll see what happens… but I feel like I’m going in with my eyes open this time.

Leanne K.

Meet Christina and Gavin

Photography by Laura Dodsworth

The story of the Groundwork began – as many good stories do – with some big relationship fails. Having made some epic mistakes in our love lives, it was time for a commitment to changeWe hadn’t even met yet, but we both got obsessed with finding alternative ways to make our relationships work better.

From the far reaches of woowoo workshops to the depths of therapy, we worked with different teachers in disciplines such as Jungian psychology, Shadow Work®, non-violent communication, TRE and tantraWe discovered that some of the deepest relationship hurts could be healed and the craziest of patterns could be changed.

We’ve since supported hundreds of people in building healthier relationships with themselves and others and we met whilst delivering our own face-to-face workshops and facilitating support groups.

We decided to make the valuable processes we’d learned available to a much wider audience. We wanted to strip away the psychobabble and hippie jargon whilst retaining the core of what really works, and that’s what informed the creation of the Groundwork. Now it’s your turn!

Oh, and if you’re wondering –
nope, we’re not a couple
: )

The usual approach:
doing ‘single’ the hard way

Most people go one of two ways when they’re single.

Some go on dating overdrive – ineffective at best, exhausting at worst. Others just get on with life as normal and hope someone will turn up.

But the truth is, like creating anything new, you need to make a plan for your love life – put solid foundations in place and get the tools and support you need to bring that plan to life.

If you wanted your ideal job, you wouldn’t leave that up to chance! This is what the Groundwork is all about.

The Groundwork is an alternative way, a roadmap to reset your love life and move you towards a new chapter

Here’s how it works

  • 1. New ground

See what’s been blocking you, understand the patterns underlying your past and present experience. See your unique relationship blueprint so that you can dismantle your old habits.

  • 2. New tools

Transform the aspects of yourself that have been holding you back. Get tools and support to trust more fully and really move on. Make different decisions with more confidence and clarity.

  • 3. New reality

Connect to yourself in new ways – your needs, your feelings, your potential. Open up to the relationship you want and deserve! Discover practical tools to create a new story and live it.

I was always attracted to a certain type of guy

Doing your course helped me understand why. Big discovery for me! One of the outcomes is that I’m starting to avoid that type of relationship that never ended up working, I’m on the right track for something much more healthy now.

Tara S.

Doing the Groundwork, you’ll get …

Access to the course platform

Access to the Groundwork’s course platform. A user-friendly process that fits flexibly around your schedule and the content’s there for you whenever you decide to work on it.

30 sessions over 6 weeks

Hours of high quality video lessons with us, over the course of the six weeks. Guided, interactive exercises during the sessions as well as audio downloads and fun little extra take-aways each week.

Workbook filled with exercises

The 39-page Workbook contains supporting material and guides you through the written exercises that accompany each video. Emails each week to take you to the next session and support you with reminders and stories along the way.

All the support you need

This is much more than just a course, you also get resources to further reading on all the topics we’ll be covering. And you have access to our private Facebook group where we post extra content for discussion and ongoing support.

I can see my experiences in a different light now

I was blocking people out of my life that were good for me without really even realising. It’s brought really positive experiences because I’ve realised I was just blind to the potential before because of my old blocks.

Karen M.

The Groundwork curriculum

( week by week )

Before we begin Week One’s session, your Introductory Session will guide you in knowing what you want from the course. You’ll set clear goals and strategies for how to make the experience work for you and how to commit to it fully. After that, we’ll dive straight into Week One.

Week one

Freedom from the past

We delve straight into the origins of what’s been happening for you in relationships – and when you’re single. We examine the blueprint for love that you’ve been living out since you were a child, and explore ways to change the things that are simply not working for you anymore.

Week two

Shining light on the shadows

This week is full of penny-dropping ideas and experiences to uncover what’s been sabotaging things in your love life without you even realising. You’ll see relationships through a new filter and learn to react with clarity and confidence to whatever comes your way.

Week three

Archetypal wisdom

This week you’ll learn about – and experience – the concept of archetypes. Based on Jungian psychology, it will make sense of the people you’re attracted to and the kind of people who are attracted to you. You’ll get more balance in your love life with ways to stop old patterns from taking over.

Week four

Emotions in your body

This week is designed to challenge and deepen your relationship with yourself, with other people and with life itself! It’s a time to review your own habits and how they inform your experience of dating and relationships. You’ll find new ways to make decisions and to know what’s really right for you

Week five

Changing the story

This is a straight-talking, practical week where you’ll be guided to take full responsibility for yourself and your life. You’ll get the tools you need to move on from any situation, with confidence. This week is a game changer for your love life, for knowing what you want and fully taking charge.

Week six

Open to love

We love this final session (well, that’s obvious, we love all of them!) This one is a mix of self love, imagination, intention-setting and seeing yourself with new eyes. It’s the part where you open up to what’s coming next in your love life and get practices to keep this experience alive as you move forward.

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I’m really excited for what’s next

It’s a really well thought out and useful course, and I can tell how much you care. I’ve just started a new relationship… so watch this space!

Yury P.